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10/04/2017  · Web users well-versed in technology have surely heard of WebP – an image format developed by Google to ensure superior compression of photos. JPEG is considered outdated and too inefficient. The WebP format is a sophisticated alternative method for convenient image compression that is now entering the market. JPEG vs. WebP: reductions in file size of up to 80% are commonly.

14/11/2017  · Buenas amigos regresando con los que seria un programa para Convertir imágenes formato WEBP a JPG. En caso de dudas por no duden en comentar.

1st Place – WEPB.As a general rule, for a “standard”, non-vector image, the smallest image format supported by all major modern browsers is the next-generation WEBP format – capable of reducing image file sizes by 30% more than JPEG (while maintaining the same SSIM quality index), and by 90% more than PNG images while still retaining a comparable high-quality appearance.

Then go to the WebP tab and mark the JPG/PNG to WebP checkbox. Step 2: Link the WebP images to all of your pages. Having the first step behind us, the images are now present in the new format. Now we need to make sure all pages and posts refer to the .webp file. A plugin that truly comes in handy here is the Cache Enabler.

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Convert WEBP to JPG – online and free – this page also contains information on the WEBP and JPG file extensions. WebP is an image format developed by Google in 2010. The format allows users to save an image in either lossy or lossless format. Google has made bold claims about the compression efficiency of the format stating that it can be up to.

WebP is a relatively new image format developed by Google. As the name implies, it was initially created for use mostly on the internet. Compared with JPEG (JPG), WebP promises to deliver 30% smaller files but with almost the same quality.