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Amazon Alexa Application

New security vulnerabilities in Amazon Alexa virtual assistant allowed hackers to install malicious skills remotely.

Amazon Echo devices can do many things to make your life easier. But at the end of the day, it’s their ability to stream and.

How researchers hacked Alexa and gained access to the device’s chat history, thereby gaining access to user credentials.

After “speculating” that Amazon’s 200 million.

becomes more useful the more applications it has and data it has access.

Amazon has patched the flaw, but its discovery underscores the importance of locking down your voice assistant interactions.

Facebook gets first dibs at adding Zoom to a video display unit, and Google and Amazon will come later in the year.

A top Amazon Alexa exec shares the 3 steps IT departments should take to build a culture of innovation – Among other changes, Amazon vice president Aaron Rubenson says companies need to support a ‘fail forward’ culture and empower.

Certain Amazon and Alexa subdomains were vulnerable to cross-origin resource sharing and cross-site scripting attacks.

The flaws could also have helped attackers obtain usernames, phone numbers, voice history, and installed skills, says Check.

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