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If you are confused as to which video conferencing tool to use – Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or Google Meet, then read this.

Google is leveraging the Web Share API to bring native Windows 10 web sharing to its ChromeOS platform on Chrome and.

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Virtual desktops are a secure and flexible means for businesses to support a remote work staff and Bring Your Own Device.

Microsoft Edge enables one-click access to Skype calls without sign ups – Microsoft has added a new shortcut button in Edge that allows users one-click access to Skype meetings on the web.

Rather than stress about the mess during business or family video meetings, why not hide it? Luckily, many videoconferencing.

The app market tends to be built around younger users and is often saturated by games and social media platforms. However,

Choosing the right apps is hard. Here are the best Windows apps, whether you need to stay productive at work or watch your.

You can now instantly share your photos and surf social media with friends on Facebook’s chat platform. Here’s how.