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A critical flaw in Amazon Alexa that could have exposed the voice history of more than 200 million of its users to hackers.

ALEXA speakers could be hacked if a user clicked a single dodgy Amazon link, cyber-experts have warned. The scam would allow.

Alexa, were you hacked? Security experts find major vulnerabilities in Amazon device that let cybercriminals steal personal data and delete commands and a.

– More than 200 million Amazon Alexa devices were at risk of cyber attacks due to a bug found lurking in the smart assistant.

Amazon has patched the flaw, but its discovery underscores the importance of locking down your voice assistant interactions.

A flaw in Amazon’s Alexa smart home devices could have allowed hackers access personal information and conversation history,

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Check Point published a report detailing "vulnerabilities found on Amazon’s Alexa," including a hacker’s access to the user’s.

New security vulnerabilities in Amazon Alexa virtual assistant allowed hackers to install malicious skills remotely.

This link triggered a vulnerability within AWS, allowing the attacker to “silently install skills on a user’s Alexa account,

RESEARCHERS have disclosed an issue discovered within the Amazon Echo that allowed hackers to steal personal information,