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If a computer screen has been their day-long childminder you may find under-fives struggling to verbalise. Can speech delay.

LinkedIn, announced the most popular courses list in India shedding a light on how LinkedIn members are investing their time.

Professionals across the globe continue to adapt to the new normal with active use of online learning and learning new skills.

Australians are eschewing hard or technical skills during the coronavirus crisis in order to double down on their soft skills.

Why lawyers need to master the soft sell – Those soft skills include sound judgement, communication and the equivalent of the bedside manner which doctors have (or used.

LinkedIn has released its annual Most Popular Courses list, a round-up of top courses taken most by its members in the past.

Windows Capture D’écran – When looking for a job or switching careers, you are always starting with some degree of experience, never from scratch. But.

"We have noticed an increase in the demand for soft skills and a higher emotional quotient [EQ]," Ali Matar, LinkedIn’s head.

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The skills which employers are looking for include the ability to communicate well, particularly verbally; a knack for.